Saturday, 10 October 2015

Moosive Battle to the Death!

Last night my chum Mike and I played a battle of Age of Sigmar featuring everything we had. My undead force came in at around 275 wounds and his Stormcast Eternals at about 265 wounds. Surprisingly the game took about two and a half to three hours to play.

To start with my undead did really well but I was claiming the initiative so I was able to replenish my units and models quite nicely and it kept him busy as everything else moved up to pile in. Half way through the game the tide turned and he had initiative. At that point my lines folded as I couldn't recover quickly enough to keep my units intact. I think the game went 6 or 7 turns before I conceded with about 6 skeleton warriors left on the table.

Surprise unit of the night went to the Carrion who are hard as nails and putting out 4 attacks a piece (5 bird unit) and although they did take casualties were great at holding up units that were otherwise being a pain.

Well done Mike. Looking forward to a somewhat smaller rematch. :)