Saturday, 3 January 2015

Scions of Mars

Although my interest in Warhammer 40K has waned considerably over this past year for various reasons I haven't fully dropped the game. In preparing our clubs upcoming 2015 league I have had thoughts about coming back fresh with a new insight to the game. I feel that I've been too hung up on a few things about the new edition.

I'm not going to be partaking in the league this time around. Instead I am going to be using 2015 to design and build a new army. Last year I tried playing Tau for the first time and was horribly disappointed. It does seem that space marines are the only army that I enjoy playing. I have my Sons of Tantalus (about 1750pts worth) but I want to try something different. I normally rush through these things but I am going to use this year to slowly build and properly paint a new chapter, the Scions of Mars.

The idea for them came about because the Sons of Tantalus chapter I built used the Ultramarines chapter traits which quite frankly I found next to useless. I don't think I have ever had the opportunity to use them during a game. One test game using the Iron Hands chapter tactics proved far more effective although I still lost the engagement. Using the B&C marine painter webpage I came up with the image above as my chosen colour scheme for them. As I want them to be closely aligned with the Cult Mechanicum of Mars I am going to need to get my hands on as many of the mechanicus shoulder guards as possible.