Friday, 31 March 2017

40K League 2017

In the past we've not had the best of luck with our 40K leagues. Too many people dropping out and just too many people wanting in and making it unwieldy. This time around I've narrowed it down to those players who will stay the league and limited it to certain number of players who can commit to it.

2000 points and each round is a month with each of the maelstrom of war missions played in order. Simples. The major difference is you don't play a codex necessarily as you play the faction (yes, this does favour Imperial, Chaos and Eldar but its for fun). Your primary army/codex each round can change providing it stays part of your faction. Players can take allies though as normal. Just a little something to make it different.

The first round starts in a couple weeks. Wish us luck.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kings of War update

A couple weeks ago I finally managed to get two games of Kings of War down the club. Both small 1000 points. I played my old Tomb Kings as the Empire of Dust and Multch had gone out to buy some models to play as Basilia (think religious kingdom of holy warriors and summoned angels). The game is fast to play, with each game taking no more than an hour including set up and rules referencing. The rules are quite simple and even with my usual dislike of the old movement trays and wheeling, I enjoyed the game a lot. Mantic have made the perfect fantasy war game here I feel. I won't be giving up on Age of Sigmar as it is still fun and we have quite a few players for it but if I have a choice KoW will be the game I'd rather play.

Death Guard

Colour me overjoyed that Death Guard are getting some more love, and hopefully, by that scythe, we'll get Mortarion as a character. Can't wait!!!

On other news, to keep my mind off of Mother's Day, I managed to sit down this afternoon and finally finish the Daemon Prince and Heldrake I started two months ago. That's how long it has been since I last had chance to paint anything.

One Daemon Prince.

 I hated painting the Heldrake. The lightning effect over the wings and body are a real sod to do. Frequently I had to go back and try to recover from uneven strokes of the brush. The second one is going to need a different colour scheme.