Friday, 30 March 2012

New Forge World

Storm Eagle.
Why isn't this a GW plastic kit rather than a FW resin one? This looks so nice compared to the butt fugly Stormraven.

Deimos Pattern Predator.
Heavy conversion beamer on the turret. May have to save up for one of these.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Looks like (again, take with pinch of salt) that the Tau Empire codex is first quarter 2013 and Eldar some time later that year. In their place for this year it looks like Dark Angels are getting updated instead. Now not to be funny towards the DA players but their codex doesn't need an update just yet. Tau are the last codex to need one otherwise players are stuck with one that's almost prehistoric!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


So this weekend GW have unveiled their new paint range. Can anyone explain to me what the point was? Did we need double the paints we had and did they need their names changing? That's just going to confuse people.

Thankfully there is this:

Someone on the 40Kforums has posted this guide:

I went to my store to try out the paints today.
Layer is the same as our normal paints. Nothing's changed.
Base is still foundation. Nothing's changed.
Shade is still wash. Nothing's changed.
Dry is useless. It's a thick, mousse-like paint used for drybrushing - but you still need to take the residue off your brush the exact same way. So if you need to drybrush white... why not use the white you've already bought?
Glaze is useless. It's watered down Shade. Just water it down. There's also more Shades than there are Glazes.
Texture is... kind of useful. It's weathering paint. It has paint and sand-like stuff in there that globs up a lot like the Tamiya weathering paint pens does. It's nice to have a GW range of these and it'll mean more newbies are likely to have 'based' models, even if it is based entirely with this stuff. I'd see this as the only welcome addition to the range. NOTE: You need to shake the fuck out of this for it to work right or you get thin paint with very little texture in it at the top.
Other than that, I like that there's more colours now.
Also, the new pots are MUCH better. They have this large plastic nub on them now that cradles the lid rather than holding it back, and the edges are far more raised than on the current ones. These pots are possibly the best ones GW has made in quite some time. Sadly no dropper on the Shades and Glazes.

Friday, 23 March 2012

League Scores round 10

22: Simon Butler.
16. Aven Taylor.
15: Joel Tate.
14: Jon Quinn.
12: Luke Townsend.
9: Benjo Gray, Mike Parker, and Mark Thomas.
7: Ian Turner and Brian White.
5: Dan Durham, Matt Gibson and Mark Allen.
3: Richard Curr.
1: Adam Townsend and Colin Goodman.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

League Scores round 9

19: Simon Butler.
16. Aven Taylor.
14: Jon Quinn.
12: Joel Tate and Luke Townsend.
9: Benjo Gray and Mark Thomas.
7: Ian Turner and Brian White.
6: Mike Parker.
5: Dan Durham, Matt Gibson and Mark Allen.
3: Richard Curr.
1: Adam Townsend and Colin Goodman.

Luke and Brian jump up the board. Adam joins me in joint last place.

Tyranid codex review

Monday, 12 March 2012

Battle Report: Salamanders vs Ultramarines

My friend Jon came over tonight for a 40K game tonight, in preperation for taking up a Planetstrike mission in the league shortly. Would I win a game on home soil? We shall see.

After running through the rules for Planetstrike with Jon he set the table with three bastions and plenty of surrounding terrain to hamper any deep strikes I may make, which made me decide to walk everything on instead.

This was a good fun game. First turn I declared my stratagem which was teleport barrage. A rather successful use reduced a ten man marine squad in one bastion down to one. Unfortunately I was not able to get close to disloging that one marine. But that was about it. Jon then managed to wreck my predator and start whittling down my forces.

We both had seriously shifting dice. We'd have a run of 6's and then a shedload of 1's and 2's. As the game crept along I felt that I was going to lose. I need more bodies in my list as my tanks were obvious targets. Predator, land speeder and then my LR: Crusader fell in short order.

When we finally got to it, I had lost my terminators to shooting and then an envelopment of terminators and tactical marines. I had reduced two bastions to just having one man inside, and the third was protected by a dreadnought that caused me some problems.

I cenceeded at the end of turn 5. I had hoped to get a draw at the very least but I made a couple mistakes that cost me. I need to remember that while Rhino's can be made mobile again during combat it's not likely to happen. Need to footslog those guys and let the transport catch up later.

Awesome game though. Looking forward to the next time.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Games Table: the planning stage

A while back I mentioned that I had plans to build my own fixed layout gaming table for 40K. It's still a long way off but I am plotting the table layout. This is what I currently have drawn out. I only have the default Paint program that comes with Windows so don't dwell too much on it. :-)

It's not to scale either before anyone queries and is subject to change.

The black line is obviously a road. Despite there being rules for roads in the 5th edition rulebook no one ever includes them or uses them it seems and I want a road to be viable. I suppose it doesn't help that the roll-out road that GW released a while back is just naff.
Grey shapes are rough locations and shapes of ruins, with two special differences. The square bottom left marked Tall Skyscraper is going to be two levels higher than other buildings as I want that to be a possible sniper point. Secondly the big square centre right is intended to be an intact building (the only one on the map) which will have a ladder on the side to allow infantry to climb up onto the roof.
Third thing to note is the parking lot on the top right. I don't know that hive cities in the 41st millennium would have such a thing but I like the idea of including it. I found a site that does 28mm scale chainlink fences so I plan to get some of those and surround it except the road entrance. Part of my chuckles of the idea that in a Spearhead deployment one army has been caught talking a break and parked up for lunch. Heh.
Lastly there is a large hole in the centre of the map. Normally I wouldn't include this but I have to include it for two reasons. Firstly, if it wasn't there then everything drives round and that isn't going to be interesting game in and game out. Secondly, the board is build with the default rulebook missions and those from Battle Missions (which I fully recommend). Some missions from Battle Missions have a central set up and I need to compensate for that.

As for the ruins I am in two minds. One one hand GW's onw 40K terrain would like nice and look right for the game. However it's fiddly to build and a pain in the arse to paint. But then there is the wonderful resign and pre-painted ruins from Flames of War. The problem there is that the terrain would look the same, be quite small/low and has no room for converting. Will probably end up having to go the GW route if I want the look that I am after.

Anyhoo, that is the initial plan and may change a little before I actually start getting anywhere.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

League Scores week 8

19: Simon Butler.
16. Aven Taylor.
14: Jon Quinn.
12: Joel Tate.
9: Luke Townsend, and Benjo Gray, Mark Thomas.
7: Ian Turner.
6: Mike Parker.
5: Matt Gibson and Mark Allen.
4: Dan Durham and Brian White.
3: Richard Curr.
1: Colin Goodman.
0: Adam Townsend.

Only three games this wee. Two draws (Mark A vs Ian and Simon vs Matt) and a victory for Joel over Mark Thomas. All three were tough games so well done to all involved.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ashamed to be a gamer?

This vid was in response to an RPG based topic but I think it covers over to wargaming as well. Thoughts?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

League Scores week 7

18: Simon Butler.
16. Aven Taylor.
14: Jon Quinn.
9: Joel Tate, Luke Townsend, and Benjo Gray, Mark Thomas.
6: Mike Parker, and Ian Turner.
4: Dan Durham, Matt Gibson, Mark Allen and Brian White.
3: Richard Curr.
1: Colin Goodman.
0: Adam Townsend.

Simon has reclaimed the top spot after a victory over Brian in some hot Grey Knight vs Grey Knight action. Adam remains committed to losing all his games. I need to win my next one so he can't pull a surprise victory and leave me in last place. *Evil Erin*

Luke's Necrons did well and scored a victory over Mark Allen's Tau. I think that was a surprise for me, but good to see the new codex pulling it's weight.