Saturday, 24 March 2012


So this weekend GW have unveiled their new paint range. Can anyone explain to me what the point was? Did we need double the paints we had and did they need their names changing? That's just going to confuse people.

Thankfully there is this:

Someone on the 40Kforums has posted this guide:

I went to my store to try out the paints today.
Layer is the same as our normal paints. Nothing's changed.
Base is still foundation. Nothing's changed.
Shade is still wash. Nothing's changed.
Dry is useless. It's a thick, mousse-like paint used for drybrushing - but you still need to take the residue off your brush the exact same way. So if you need to drybrush white... why not use the white you've already bought?
Glaze is useless. It's watered down Shade. Just water it down. There's also more Shades than there are Glazes.
Texture is... kind of useful. It's weathering paint. It has paint and sand-like stuff in there that globs up a lot like the Tamiya weathering paint pens does. It's nice to have a GW range of these and it'll mean more newbies are likely to have 'based' models, even if it is based entirely with this stuff. I'd see this as the only welcome addition to the range. NOTE: You need to shake the fuck out of this for it to work right or you get thin paint with very little texture in it at the top.
Other than that, I like that there's more colours now.
Also, the new pots are MUCH better. They have this large plastic nub on them now that cradles the lid rather than holding it back, and the edges are far more raised than on the current ones. These pots are possibly the best ones GW has made in quite some time. Sadly no dropper on the Shades and Glazes.


  1. More colours are always good. And I applaud the addition of more of the long neglected purples.

    The name change is a headache, we will adapt I guess. There was no need though. Was just the legal team wanting to trademark the paint I guess.

    The new starter set is interesting though. The included marines have molded dark angel iconography. Pretty much guarantees dark angels in the 6th edition box set.

  2. It was the GW team trying to distance their range from the Vallejo game colour range, which was pretty much the same as the GW range, just with slightly changed names. By linking the colour names even more closely with their IP, Vallejo can't make money by piggybacking on GW's range, just at a lower price point and with a dropper.

    Personally I'll give the new range a try, but the continued lack of a dropper in the new GW range means i'll probably stick to Vallejo unless the new range really wows me.

  3. meh, I still only buy paints if I want them, nothing changes there, and tbh I wont buy all the special ones anyway!

    1. I won't be using the new stuff unless the white and yellow are actually think enough not to leave patches.