Monday, 12 March 2012

Battle Report: Salamanders vs Ultramarines

My friend Jon came over tonight for a 40K game tonight, in preperation for taking up a Planetstrike mission in the league shortly. Would I win a game on home soil? We shall see.

After running through the rules for Planetstrike with Jon he set the table with three bastions and plenty of surrounding terrain to hamper any deep strikes I may make, which made me decide to walk everything on instead.

This was a good fun game. First turn I declared my stratagem which was teleport barrage. A rather successful use reduced a ten man marine squad in one bastion down to one. Unfortunately I was not able to get close to disloging that one marine. But that was about it. Jon then managed to wreck my predator and start whittling down my forces.

We both had seriously shifting dice. We'd have a run of 6's and then a shedload of 1's and 2's. As the game crept along I felt that I was going to lose. I need more bodies in my list as my tanks were obvious targets. Predator, land speeder and then my LR: Crusader fell in short order.

When we finally got to it, I had lost my terminators to shooting and then an envelopment of terminators and tactical marines. I had reduced two bastions to just having one man inside, and the third was protected by a dreadnought that caused me some problems.

I cenceeded at the end of turn 5. I had hoped to get a draw at the very least but I made a couple mistakes that cost me. I need to remember that while Rhino's can be made mobile again during combat it's not likely to happen. Need to footslog those guys and let the transport catch up later.

Awesome game though. Looking forward to the next time.

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