Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dark Angels codex review


  1. Deathwing are still uniquely awesome. Their flexibility at the fact you get an army of them is cool. Giving the flexibility to everyone else would diminish that coolness imo. There was a rant here about terminators, was long and boring. the end.

    Ravenwing are viable, and are an alternative to standard bikers.

    In the generic book a standard captain on a bike will you get bikes as troops. Rather boring, though you can give him fun stuff like a lightning claw and a combi-weapon making him better in combat and he is cheaper.
    Khan will, for 205 points if you take his bike (why this is an option is beyond me), gives your entire army outflank which is awesome for bikes. Sadly all he comes with is bolt pistol, instad death capable power weapon and the bolters on his bike. He also gives his unit hit and run which is nice. His bike also has fleet, but other bikes can't do that so not much chance to take advantage unless he goes alone which he just isn't a good enough character to do.
    Sammael is also 205 points, and has a plasma cannon!! on his jetbike and a master crafted power weapon. He also has a helluva of a cool model. Ravenwing all have scout, meaning they can all outflank or do their scout move. Which is better than Khan's combat tactics. They are also all fearless, which is weaker than ATSNK imo. You are also paying a old codex premium on your units. And you get free teleport homers all round.

    So not much difference all told. Ravenwing have the rule of cool on their side and Sammael, because it can't be said enough, looks awesome. All for a slight premium. But the armies are otherwise the same, have the same tactics, and the same overall effectiveness.

    1. Oh and one thing I did miss, Ravenwing land speeders are 15 points more expensive, have no additional rules and cannot deep strike, scout or outflank. A major weakness. /shrug