Saturday, 3 January 2015

Scions of Mars

Although my interest in Warhammer 40K has waned considerably over this past year for various reasons I haven't fully dropped the game. In preparing our clubs upcoming 2015 league I have had thoughts about coming back fresh with a new insight to the game. I feel that I've been too hung up on a few things about the new edition.

I'm not going to be partaking in the league this time around. Instead I am going to be using 2015 to design and build a new army. Last year I tried playing Tau for the first time and was horribly disappointed. It does seem that space marines are the only army that I enjoy playing. I have my Sons of Tantalus (about 1750pts worth) but I want to try something different. I normally rush through these things but I am going to use this year to slowly build and properly paint a new chapter, the Scions of Mars.

The idea for them came about because the Sons of Tantalus chapter I built used the Ultramarines chapter traits which quite frankly I found next to useless. I don't think I have ever had the opportunity to use them during a game. One test game using the Iron Hands chapter tactics proved far more effective although I still lost the engagement. Using the B&C marine painter webpage I came up with the image above as my chosen colour scheme for them. As I want them to be closely aligned with the Cult Mechanicum of Mars I am going to need to get my hands on as many of the mechanicus shoulder guards as possible.


  1. You're welcome to however many of mine I can dig out of my bitz box!

    What bugs you about 7th? My gaming group tends to view the codices produced under it to be pretty well balanced.

    1. Thanks.

      The problem is that for me, I really enjoyed 5th edition. It was almost near perfect for what I wanted. 6th made too many changes and added elements that I didn't like. 7th then came along far too soon and I just lost interest in the game.

      Most of the codices seem about right. Some, like Eldar, are just far too good from my experience. Others, like Space Marines, just don't have the same impact as they should (and I'm not a they must always win fan boy). It doesn't help that most of the people I play against are overly competitive where I am a staunch casual player and always will be.

      I think having the break will do me good though and I hope to come back to it maybe with a new perspective.