Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pestilence and Decay

Two months ago I thought about trying to get back into 40K by changing my play style and developing a new space marine army, the Scions of Mars. Well, that never got going and my enthusiasm waned yet again. At the end of January I had a bit of a boost. I was watching my friend Joel and his daemons army crushing a Thousand Sons force by utilizing the new malefic psychic powers. Swarm after swarm of pink horrors warping onto the battlefield and it lit that spark again.

This time it isn't for those loyalist marines but for an unbound Chaos force. Specifically Death Guard and Nurgle daemons. Always had a bit of a soft spot for the pestilent one and I am surprised to say that my enthusiasm is still strong.

I thought I'd take this late night moment to post some WiP photos. Sorry for the quality. All I have to take them with is my camera phone.

Typhus himself. I decided that rather than the usual green colour scheme that I would go with something more resembling the old pre-Heresy colours. I figure it'll make him stand out a bit on the battlefield. I'm also pondering giving him a terminator bodyguard squad and I may paint them the same colour.
Cholic, sorcerer of Nurgle. This is a very much WiP figure as I can't quite get the face and horns right. He's the fantasy chaos sorcerer figure but I wanted something to look a bit different than the regular models. Somewhere I have the normal 40K chaos sorcerer figure (painted as Emperor's Children I think) who shall be redone as Ebolas, favoured sorcerer of Typhus.

This Helbrute I bought ages ago when I was thinking of doing Chaos marines before. I almost sold him and I'm glad that I didn't. He's the figure so far that I am most pleased with. 

Other than these I also have enough figures to build two twenty man Death Guard squads. Mostly regular CSM but with a handful proper plague marines thrown in for appearance. There is also a box of plaguebearers sitting on the shelf to join them as well.

Not sure how I feel about vehicles yet as traditionally the Death Guard are ground pounders whose tanks fell apart centuries ago. I also don't want any of those silly daemon engines. I just can't see the Death Guard utilizing something like that too much. 

Tomorrow night is going to be a painting evening to get some of those plague marines done. Photos as I get them done.

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  1. Glad to hear the enthusiasm is returning, I look forward to seeing your progress! I too love the pre-heresy death guard colour scheme, and if i do start a chaos marine army it'd be in those colours