Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Club League 2015

Last year I started reporting on the club league and then stopped as my enthusiasm died on me. But this week sees the start of the 2015 Primarchs club Warhammer 40K league and although I'm not playing (focusing on building and painting my Death Guard this year) I am quite excited to watch the games and see how thing play out under the new rules.

We have some top notch players and a good mix of armies being played which always makes things more interesting.

* Elliot Hall: Tau Empire (Farsight Enclave).
* Mark Thomas: Chaos Space Marines - Thousand Sons.
* Ashleigh James Grainger: Astra Militarum.
* Simon Butler: Grey Knights.
* Adam Winstanley: Dark Eldar.
* Adam Townsend: Blood Angels (Baal Strike Force).
* Benjo Gray: Blood Angels.
* Ian James: Space Wolves (Champions of Fenris).
* Michael Parker: Chaos Space Marines - World Eaters (Horus Heresy list).
* Brian White: Tyranids.
* Jonathan Quinn: Necrons.
* Joel Tate: Chaos Daemons.
* Dan Durham: Chaos Space Marines - Night Lords (Horus Heresy list).
* Richard Mcmanus: Harlequins.
* Jason Locking: Chaos Space Marines - Black Legion.

The first games are this week where we shall see:

Mark Thomas vs Jason Locking
Ashleigh Granger vs Richard Mcmannus
Simon Butler vs Dan Durham

As usual, all games will go towards the club narrative campaign: The Midas Crusade.


  1. I'll be watching this with interest - is there a list somewhere of how the campaign works?

    1. It is basically a league where everyone plays everyone once. To keep things tight and tense scores are 3pts for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss.

      Games are random, rolled on the night. We are using the ones with the tactical objective cards. I forget the name of it right now.

      The campaign itself is simple. Any 40K game (40K, Epic, BFG, Space Hulk or 40k: Conquest) played by a club member all count towards it. Players can choose a war zone to fight over if they wish or leave it up to me as referee. I do my best to work a narrative and interesting story to them. Some players write their own and pass it on to me.

      Each player has five control points. A win steals a point and 5 points dominates that world. It is essentially open-ended as games and planetary control shifts frequently, especially when new codexes come out.