Monday, 30 March 2015

2015 League round 4

Round four was played last week and we had three very good games. All were fairly expected results but that didn't detract in any way.

Game 1.
Joel Tate vs Adam Townsend.
Daemons vs Blood Angels. Joel's extremely twinked up daemons list was always going to win this one but Adam did play a land raider and storm raven which the daemons had trouble dealing with. Unfortunately Adam didn't really use them to his advantage and Joel claimed an easy victory.

Game 2.
Dan Durham vs Adam Winstanley.
HH Night Lords list vs Dark Elder with Astra Militarum allies. Again, this was a game where Dan was always going to win. Adam's usual list now just isn't strong enough I don't think to deal with a HH list. He would have been better focusing on a pure Dark Eldar list with more lance weapons to pop tanks. Unfortunately Dan had a far better list this time.

Game 3.
Jon Quinn vs Michael Parker.
Necrons vs HH World Eaters. Mike doesn't have much luck lately against Jon's Necron army in friendly games and this one was no exception. He had a nice list but the Necrons outnumbered and out-fired him. Mike put up a good fight but his World Eaters were cut down.

To top it off, here are a couple photos of some of Mike's awesomely painted HH World Eaters.

At the end of round four, the scoreboard now looks like this:

Elliot and Ian get their first games in the next few weeks. Due to real world conflicts they have had games that needed to be rearranged.

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