Saturday, 21 March 2015

2015 League round 3

I wasn't about to watch the matches of round 3 as our venue was holding a pub quiz and I'm rather partial to a good quiz. However, three matches were played and this week we saw one player climb the dizzying heights to hold a definitive first place.

Game 1.
Jon Quinn vs Benjo Gray.
Necrons vs Blood Angels. I don't want to be harsh to my nephew but Benjo never stood a chance. He has been playing for a good while but still has a lot to learn about army builds and handling whatever a game throws at you. He had a bit of a grumble about fearless units being locked in combat with something they can't hurt. Well done to Jon for the win.

Game 2.
Richard Mcmannus vs Simon Butler.
I was a bit disappointed with this game. Harlequins with Dark Eldar allies is a nice new force on the table but I remember when Grey Knights used to mop the floor with everyone and I feel sorry for Simon. I am pleased to see that the new Harlequins codex is able to hold it's own weight though.

Game 3.
Ashleigh Granger vs Jason Locking.
Unfortunately due to the pub quiz I only managed to see half the game. Ashleigh played a nice mechanised AM list against Jason's chaos marine army. Only saw enough of it to see that Jason was having trouble punching through the army. Game ended in a draw.

After three weeks the scoreboard now looks like this:

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