Friday, 6 March 2015

2015 League round 1

 So, the first round of the new league kicked off last night with some interesting and unexpected, by me at any rate, results. It makes everything more interesting as a result.

Game 1.
Dan Durham vs Simon Butler.
Dan is playing a Forge World army from the Horus Heresy AKA 30K, while simon has a Grey Knights army. Now, I know that GW had sort of screwed over Grey Knights but even so on any day I would have put down money on a Simon victory (were I a betting man) but it was not to be. The game ended turn 3 if I remember right with Dan wiping everything of Simon's army from the table. Danny never does this well so thumbs up to him. Unexpected.

Game 2.
Ashleigh Grainger vs Richard Mcmannus.
Ashleigh fielded a nice Imperial Guard army with a fair mix of troops and tanks. Richard played the new harlequin codex with dark eldar allies. I didn't see much of this game but by the end of the final turn there were just points in it and it came down to a random VP roll on the tactical objectives to decide who won, and the dice fell in favour of a draw. Tight game and I don't think either player will complain with that.

Game 3.
Mark Thomas vs Jason Locking.

Jason fielded a basic mixed Chaos Space Marine force (counting as Black Legion for the narrative campaign) against Mark's Thousand Sons army. Mark was copying a fellow player who uses his army to summon huge numbers of daemons to the table. It didn't work out so well as I gather. He is also a bit of a "i must win" type player so when time was called at the venue and a draw was agreed to, Mark wasn't happy. We have since realized that he made some mistakes copied from the last edition of the rules but keeping the game a draw seems fair.

A win for Danny who doesn't normally do so well, and a pair of draws was not what I had expected from the first round. Will Dan keep his lead throughout? We shall see.

I also managed to get a friendly game in against my mate Richard Curr and his Dark Angels army. I was trying out the Death Guard army that I have and so expected to come a cropper. And I did. My dice hated me rolling 1's and 2's on attack rolls throughout the whole game. Richard had come with a mechanised list and through no planning on his part systematically took down all the melta weapons I had except the helbrute which was left immobilized on a hill doing nothing. Good game but definitely drove home that playing fluffy Nurgle doesn't leave you with much in a 1000pt game!

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