Friday, 13 March 2015

2015 League round 2

Week 2 of the league kicked off well. No draws this week thankfully, with three definitive wins. Three really good games as well.

Game 1
Joel Tate vs Adam Winstanley
Joel's impressive daemons army finally takes to the field in the league against the combined Astra Militarum/Dark Eldar force of Adam's. Joel's list was very competitive and easily overwhelmed his opponent's army. Joel must work harder on speeding his game up though. Victory to chaos.

Game 2
Jon Quinn vs Adam Townsend
Jon is playing a Necron army and Adam the mighty Blood Angels. Jon is perhaps the player most topped to win this league so far even with only a handful of total games played. His list proved very effective and secured him a win. I didn't see all of the game but it looked like Adam was trying more for the kill rather than for objective capturing.

Game 3
Benjo Gray vs Brian White
A proper grudge match here. Brian's tyranid army (genestealers mostly) against Benjot's formidable Blood Angels force. In the past neither player seems to do very well so this was always going to be interesting. Despite a very close game all the way through, Benjo eventually won simply because the objectives fell in his favour.

With these games added to the league table it now looks like this:

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