Thursday, 9 April 2015

2015 League Round 5

Round 5 was played last week. Apologies for forgetting to post this. We only had two games played last week as we had a last minute drop out (to be rearranged). But what we did have were a pair of good games.

Game 1.
Joel Tate vs Jon Quinn.
This game is probably the ultimate decider for the league as these are the top twinky players. Joel was concerned that daemons did not have anything that could handle monoliths and other necron vehicles so he took dark eldar allies which ultimately didn't appear to do him any good. Jon had all the luck with his dice and Joel didn't have a chance.

Game 2.
Ian Turner vs Brian White.
Ian's first game in the league put his Space Wolves against Brian's Tyranids. Ian had expected many flying monstrous creatures so took a Firestorm Redoubt to blast them and Brian didn't take much flying in the end but the Redoubt still did phenomenally well. Brian's traditional bad luck held and the Tyranids were defeated quite soundly.

Yes, those are cowboy hats on those space wolves.

So, after that week the scoreboard now looks like this:

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