Saturday, 2 February 2013

1st edition artwork and stuff

For some time now I have had a hankering for the feel of the old 1st edition 40K (AKA Rogue Trader). The game had some different artwork and a very different feel back then. Part of me wishes it was still that way. Anyway, I did a search this afternoon and found some of that artwork.

This is one of those images that comes back to me. Are these guys space marines or simply mercenaries? Back under 1st edition, before the army lists, you could field Imperial Guard all in power armour. I miss that sort of versatility.

The old marine jet bikes.
£2.50 for two metal models. Those where the days. I remember four figure packs for £3 or £4. Those days are long gone sadly.
I posted this more because I had those jetbike models. Don't remember Christmas Marines though. 

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