Friday, 22 March 2013

Sons of Tantalus WiP

After losing all desire to paint my marines over the last six months, I have recently got the bug back again. Here is what I have "completed" at the moment. It is still WiP with me needing to go back and touch things up here and there, but its good enough to play on the tabletop with.

Captain Democritus and his command squad. This is the unit I am currently working on.
A selection of other HQ options. The techmarine in bottom right has my count's as conversion beamer.
Scout squad. Still need to get the bits to do a heavy bolter guy.

Two tactical squads. Plasma is favoured special weapon for these guys but each tac squad (and I am working on a third) will each get one of the special and heavy weapons available.

The middle rhino with the dishes is the command rhino for Democritus and his command squad. 

The stormtalon. I need a second one of these and a stormraven now.


  1. Sneaky insertion of Relic, so whens your FFG paycheck due?