Friday, 7 June 2013

Initial thoughts on the new eldar codex

A couple nights ago I had my first game against the new Eldar codex. it was only 1000pts because I want to learn it too without getting too crushed. It is interesting but still infuriating.

* Eldar are no longer overpowered psykers thank the Emperor! They felt much more balanced without the old psychic powers.

* Battle Focus (Shoot then run or run then shoot) is not nice. Eldar did not need this even though it feels thematic to them.

* It does seem that the new codex has forced a change to the usual army build which is nice. My opponent played vehicles that haven't seen for ages (fire prism) or made changes which I found more fair (bright lances on war walkers rather than scatter lasers).

He played wraithblades but they didn't see much action as I smashed them with TH/SS terminators but against MEQs they will be nasty.
My opponent didn't field flyers because even if he had the points he felt that they were a waste of space. he felt that AV 10 and no Inv save made them unplayable.

Initial thoughts before I sit down to read the codex is that in areas they have been balanced out but in others they are just as strong if not better.

Over the weekend I plan on reading the new codex and coming back with a proper review.

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