Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I can't believe that it has been two months since I last posted here. Real life issues and a bit of a downer on 40K has caused that. Real life is still a pain in the backside but slowly the love of 40K is returning mainly due to organising the 2014 40K league.

The Primarchs club has been a bit quiet in recent months as we have lost players. One moved down under, and a couple others have decided that they want to play something else (Drop Zone Commander) which needs more time and space. This time the league has 9 players including myself and that seems about right. It is set to start mid-February and run for three months. Feels about right. More details closer to the time.

The open-ended Midas Crusade has reached it's year 1 anniversary and so far it has been a real blat for me in recanting the battles and I hope it is something that will continue for many years to come. I opened it up to a couple friends outside of our regular group and every so often when they manage to fit a game in I've included their results. Keeps things interesting.

Lastly I have decided that I really do need another army to prevent me getting fed up of losing with my space marines. I had wanted to do Demiurg but since that fell through with the new Tau codex I have decided to go Farsight Enclave since no one else plays them. I just need to get them built and at least a start on painting them before the new league begins.

Speaking of codexes, I am well behind on my reviews so I shall endeavour to get them done over the next week or so.

Thanks for hanging around during my break.

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