Thursday, 4 September 2014

7th ed - first thoughts

Last night I had my first game of 7th edition against my friend Jon. Two space marine armies both fairly basic (Ultramarines vs Iron Hands) just to get my head around how things now play. We didn't manage a full game due to time constraints but we managed four or five rounds I think.

So for the most part I thought it was ok. Perhaps having a few months break from the game did me good though I am still not sure that I am going to buy into it again. Cost, time and personal niggles will probably prevent that for the time being.

So what didn't I like? Lets start there.

Psychic tests. This now plays like the magic phase of Warhammer Fantasy. I much preferred it as it was under the previous edition. Not a major grumble but a game change that I can't see the reason for doing unless both games are becoming much closer systems.

That is it. I am sure that somewhere there is something that never cropped up but other than the psychic system no complaints.

What stood out as being a big thumbs up?

Mission objectives. Initially I was a little ambivalent about this. Oh yes, another gimmick. But in fairness I have to agree with Jon that they made the game more interesting and less about just blasting the opponent into little bits. I don't think it will stop people doing that. It is still a very competitive game after all but if you can nudge players into playing my objectives then I this gets a thumbs up from me.

We shall see whether it pulls me back or not though I did flick through the space marine codex before bed last night and pondered it.

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