Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Age of Sigmar

After a couple more games of Age of Sigmar I have pretty much fallen in love with this version of Warhammer. It is just so much fun win or lose, and yes, I have lost all my games so far. Mainly because my opponent plays Ogors (ogres) and they are bloody tough.

One player who has pretty much quit Warhammer has given me his entire Tomb Kings army which gives me the basis for a legion of the undead that I want. Now that the silly must have a vampire and crumbling army rules are gone, it is feasible to play one. I'm looking at finding a suitable necromancer figure to represent Heinrich Kemmler aka the Lichemaster, who will be my regular commander.

I find it odd that I really want to get into this game now. I am going to give an uncharacteristic thumbs up to Games Workshop for what they have created here.

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