Saturday, 26 September 2015

Midas Crusade 2015

For some time I've been planning a local 40K event. I had wanted to try and get a large scale event going but due to costs and a not so great amount of interest among local players things were scaled down. Thankfully one of our local players, Jon, offered us the use of his extremely large garage. We lost a couple players but today six players met to battle it out in a large scale series of games.

Rules were:

* 2000 point games.
* Fixed list.
* Three games with three hour time limit.
* Unbound or FOC.
* Super Heavies, Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures and Lords of War are legal.
* Warhammer 40K Only - no Horus Heresy.
* No proxies.
* Cost: £5 paid in advance so I can organise prizes.
* Missions will be Cleanse & Control, Spoils of War, and then finally Tactical Escalation.
* Victory Points will be totaled over the day to determine the winner.

Using VP's to collectively determine the winner was something new and it worked so well that I think we'll use it in future for events and leagues.

Jon  : Orks.
Jaime : Farsight Enclave.
Ashleigh : Astra Militarum.
Sylvain : Blood Angels.
Benjo : Dark Angels with Imperial Knight allies.
Brian : Orks.

The unusual suspects.

 Three Imperial Knights march to war.

 The Blood Angels 1st company seize the high ground.

The forces of the Farsight Enclave.

The Astra Militarum prepare to defend against the Orks. 

A mighty Stompa!

The day's winner with his trophy!

I think the event went well enough that I plan to do a second event same time next year. Hopefully we can get some more players and a bigger event. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Only a half dozen weeks to go and the league is done. Really it was far too big but for the most part it is nice to see the club being active and used.  The victor at this stage still looks like Jon to me but there are friendly bets floating around that it may be Jason or Ashleigh. I feel bad for Brian though as he never has the best of luck and this league hasn't done him any favours.

Once the league ends we can have some friendlies and just chill with fun games. I'm hoping to turn a few of the old Warhammer Fantasy players over to Age of Sigmar before I start a league for that next year.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Age of Sigmar

After a couple more games of Age of Sigmar I have pretty much fallen in love with this version of Warhammer. It is just so much fun win or lose, and yes, I have lost all my games so far. Mainly because my opponent plays Ogors (ogres) and they are bloody tough.

One player who has pretty much quit Warhammer has given me his entire Tomb Kings army which gives me the basis for a legion of the undead that I want. Now that the silly must have a vampire and crumbling army rules are gone, it is feasible to play one. I'm looking at finding a suitable necromancer figure to represent Heinrich Kemmler aka the Lichemaster, who will be my regular commander.

I find it odd that I really want to get into this game now. I am going to give an uncharacteristic thumbs up to Games Workshop for what they have created here.

Monday, 7 September 2015

League Update

The league is slowly progressing towards it's end with just another month and a bit to go. Unfortunately since I last posted about it we have had a couple more players drop out for various reasons. Disappointing but understandable. We have also had some problems with one player who may or may not be cheating which is frustrating. Next time definitely going to have to cherry pick who plays next time to avoid these issues.

My money is still on Jon winning but Jason and Mark both have a chance. I really want Jon to win though. He has worked hard to achieve it and it would be cool to see Necrons win again.