Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Been a few months since my last update. Starting a new job and the club having it's Christmas break sort of got in the way. As it is the new year has not been great for the club. Too many players not turning up on an evening or unnecessary arguments has begun to hurt things. Hopefully things will pick up as we get going. It's not too long until the Age of Sigmar league kicks off and we have another day event planned as well.

I hope the rest of you have some good gaming going on and I'll try to catch up on your posts as I can.


  1. It's sad when that happens - we had a massive bust up with our former forum owner at the end of 2013 but since then things have been much better and no arguments at all - things are going from strength to strength and we set up a formal committee (yeah, as formal as it is likely to get, so basically three of us who make club decisions if members can't, things like subs etc).

    Sometimes a big bust up can help you get things sorted out properly!

    1. Things were sorted out but it has left a dark cloud over things I think. We'll have to see how things go. I'm going to start looking for ways to make the club better over the next year and see where and what we can improve for everyone. A new venue is likely to be the first thing on the list.