Thursday, 8 June 2017

40K League 2017 - round 2

Second round of the league is over. So how did this one turn out?

Gary (Imperial Fists) and Jon (Khorne Daemonkin). Didn't see this one personally but seems like a good victory for Jon. I'm sure Gary put up a hard fight.

Marko (Thousand Sons) vs Richard C (Crimson Fists). To be honest I knew this was going to be a walkover for Marko, so I had already plotted round 3 based on him winning and I was not incorrect. At least Richard seemed to enjoy the game.

Richard M (Ynnari) vs Dan (Eldar Corsairs). Another victory for the Ynnari. I do feel bad for Dan because for months he has been doing rather well in practice games for the league but now he's playing it for real his luck with both dice and tactical objectives has plummeted. Better luck next time.

Ian (Necrons) vs Ashleigh (Astra Militarum). I expected this game to be quite close as both Ian and Ashleigh are top notch players, and I was not disappointed. Both had nice strong lists but I think the luck was on the side of the Necrons.

Chris (Skitarii) vs Colin (Death Guard). Unlike the last time I played against Chris's army, I thought I might have a good chance here and for a half of the game were quite evenly matched. Unfortunately for me he was able to outflank some nasty units and they blasted me from my own objectives and seized victory for him.

Joel (Dark Eldar) vs Mike (Grey Knights). Joel was an evil opponent here. Using his army perfectly Joel snatched all six objectives and kept Mike's army away from them the entire game. Fantastic game.

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