Thursday, 12 April 2012

Battle Report

Had two league games this week against Fish and his brother, Adam. Didn't feel very well but needed to get them out and the way and it made for a very fun afternoon of 40K.

Played Adam and his Tau first in a kill points game. Deployment was spearhead so I knew I was going to have trouble against all those long range guns but didn't count on how much trouble. Overconfident I guess. I don't think I even got past the half way point of the board before he had oblitereated my army. I think I had a couple marines left and that was it. Fun game but dissapointing that I didn't do better.

Next up was Fish and his filthy filthy Necron hordes. I knew before the game even started that I couldn't win this one. Meat Grinder is an arse of a mission against Necron. Basically I have to destroy every last model that he has to win the game. Necrons, of course, get a roll to stand up again and he did just that. No way could I do this mission without divine intervention (and that didn't happen). Another good game but frustrating.

This leaves me with just four games to play in the league: Brian (Grey Knights), Mark Allen (Tau), Matt (Imperial Guard) and Marko (Necrons). Looks like last place in the league will be mine along with the wooden spoon.

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