Monday, 2 April 2012


For many years now I have played 40K against my friend Joel. He's a bit of a power gamer and official GW tournament player so he always plays top notch lists. I can understand it since he is a tournament player but it can make the game a bit irritating as I am a casual player. But last week I managed to finally defeat him! Yay!

Now I can't claim it all as I had made a small error in points. Joel had said that we play 1500pts but I thought we were playing slightly more. I basically had 150pts more than him. I was happy to remove some stuff but Joel said no, it would be a nice challenge so we played. He had brought an Eldar force and I was playing my Salamanders. We rolled an objective based mission (3 objectives) with a pitched battle deployment. Two objectives were on my side and one on his.

It was an awesome game. The dice were in my favour the whole game pretty much and that helped me devestate his harlequins on turn one. That made a huge difference for me. After that I was able to maintain a hold on the two objectives I had and the objective on his side was contested by an immobilised land raider.

The extra points made little difference as it was the cost of my dreadnought which was tied up in combat the whole game by the elder farseer and neither of us could kill the other (though I lost my close combat arm).

The game ended turn 5. If it hadn't I think Joel would have swung things.

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