Saturday, 5 May 2012

Heroclix tournament

Heroclix Issue #1: When Worlds Collide!

Earth enters a crisis as multiple realities complete with their own heroes and villains collide and merge to form a new reality of Earth 616. In the space of a matter of hours Manhattan is flooded with confused super-powered individuals and collateral damage ensues!

Points: 500pts.
Entry: £2 where prizes are available.
When: 20th May 2012 - 1pm start.
Where: Wheelers, St. Neots.

Special Rules:

1. Players need to bring their own maps.

2. Players need to bring three objects: one light, one heavy and one of their choice (this can be a 3D object).

3. No BFCs or Feats.

4. You may only field one "specific" character at a time. In other words, you may not field more than one figure of the same character (defined by his/her "true" identity) of the same universe, e.g., Hulk and Bruce Banner or any Dick Grayson in the form of Robin, Nightwing, or Batman may not be on the same team at the same time. Marvel Ultimates are considered to be the same as their regular selves. Multiples of Cuckoos, Multiplex, Multiple Man, Madrox, & Jamie Madrox are legal, as well as generic figures.

5. Each player needs a minimum of five characters.

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