Saturday, 18 May 2013

League Update

Unfortunately I have a fear that our club league is going to go bottom up sooner or later which is going to be a tad dissapointing. It is through no ones fault (though if I was so enclined I could point to the venue) just the side affect of having a break while the venue was renovated and we got moved to a smaller, tighter room.

Due to that it was left for players to organise their games and hopefully play a couple at home to speed things up. This has meant that for some reason certain players are taking their time to play games and the club is far too quiet. Also, and the real reason I fear it will fail, is that one of the two players tipped for total victory has played almost half his games already and won them all. I can see a lot of players then saying that there is no point in playing and it all falls apart.

As I say, nobody's fault and couldn't be helped with the disruption.

I had also hoped that the league coupled with all games (league and friendly) adding to the Midas Crusade would have people playing games to help their faction in said crusade might get games played, but seems not.


  1. my problem current is exams, but people do get de-motivated and loss interest when the same people win all the time

    Not saying it is their fault for winning as its their way of playing,

    1. It isn't you. I was aware you couldn't be there every week.

      In future, I will go back to the fixed list of which weeks people will play.