Monday, 1 July 2013

6th edition - one year on

It has been a year since the release of 6th edition Warhammer 40K give or take a few days. Still feels like only last weekend that I was waiting outside my nearest Games Workshop store at 7:30am. At the time I devoured the rules, got some of them wrong, and tried to adapt my game to the new rules. I did a series of Youtube videos about the changes and it included a few kneejerk reactions. GW were screwing with my game and it took a while to adjust to that. However, a year on what do I think of the game?

  • I know some folks don't like the random elements but I do. To me they represent a balancing element that each player has to adapt to. Thumbs up for me.
  • Terminators are finally viable. Everyone is hung up on how few AP2 close combat weapons there are but I think it is a good thing. They still die to mass firepower so whats the problem?
  • Flyers. Flyers have been a nice addition to the game and are not as tough to deal with many people think.
  • Random psychic powers and war lord traits.
  • Challenges. I hate this rule as I feel it doesn't work very well. Had it been limited to named special characters then I wouldn't grumble, but it hurts the standard squad sergeant who finds himself facing Abaddon or something figure ten times his points cost!
  • Land Raiders last longer but other vechicles die too easily. Hull points was not the answer in my opinion. Vehicles need to be more survivale.
  • There is too much anti-air coming into the game. It is almost making the option of flyer is becoming less and less viable because of it.
  • Secondary objectives are an addition that I have become to despise. On one hand it has made it so that armies must sally forth but it has hurt players like myself who do better and prefer defensive play.
  • Vanguard Strike deployment. AARRGGHH!!!! Why not just stick to the old and far less irritating table quarter deployment? FFS!
What are your thoughts?


  1. my god?? a year already!


    well my Guard dont like it

    but Necrons love it now, easier for us to destroy hull points, and mindshackle everything in a challage!

    1. IG should love it. The amount of overwatch helps prevent being assaulted and tanks give you much needed long range death. They only hurt in the same way space marines hurt and that is that they can no longer sit still and gunline everything.