Saturday, 27 July 2013

Still here

I'm still here. Life has just been a bit pants the last month or so, not to mention a zero interest in doing anything painting related. Motivation seems to be a problem right now.

On a up note though I have been given a shedload of a friend's spare marines including a huge amount of Horus Heresy sprues which will help fill in the numbers for my Sons of Tantalus chapter. I also have the Angron primarch model which is £50 GBP roughly so I may see if I can get something for it on Ebay.

I've also decided (again) to do a smaller second army. I had wanted to do a CSM army and since no one plays Emperor's Childen they are going to be the legion I go with. I might not have done it but for my good chum Fish who has badgered me into it.

Once life settles back down again I hope to catch the painting bug again and I can show you were I am up to with my chapter.

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