Sunday, 15 September 2013

Initial thoughts

Played my first game with the new Space Marine codex yesturday against my friend Muffin and his Dark Angels. Now I don't have any of the new units yet so I can't say what they are like just yet.

So, what did the new book do for me? Well, the points reductions throughout the book helped me take a command squad for my captain and a second dreadnought. This means that in a 1750pt game like we played I could in theory fit another marine unit in somewhere which is what I have been asking for for quite some time.

Secondly, I proxied some plasmaguns for gravguns to test them out (I was expecting to play against his CSM not terminator heavy DA). I hadn't been impressed with these too much in the book but by jingo they were awesome. First turn, one gravgun took out half a bike squad, and the other dealt a crippling strike to a unit of terminators which struck in on the second turn. They more than made themselves worthwhile and will be seeing future use in my army. But saying that, they are great if you know you are facing MEQs but random pick up games make them a poor choice.

In the next couple weeks I am planning a trip over to GW for some of the new toys and I can give my thoughts on them after play.

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  1. Any particular tips with getting your grav guns into range or utilizing that salvo bonus by staying stationary? I really want to try grav but I don't plan on using bikes or Centurions so I'm unsure about it.

    Also what tactics did you use, and did you enjoy them more than your old ones/combat tactics?