Friday, 21 February 2014

League update

The club's 2014 40K league kicked off last week. All games are 1300pts but you can change your list (fixed codex) knowing the mission and opposing codex in advance. Makes for a far better game.

Colin G:                  Farsight Enclave.
Simon B:                Grey Knights.
Richard M:             Eldar.
Benjo G:                 Blood Angels.
Jon Q:                     Orks.
Ian T:                      Tau Empire.
Dan D:                    Dark Eldar.
Joel T:                     Tyranids.
Brian W:                 Eldar.

The current scoreboard after the first two weeks is as follows:

1st place - Richard M, Jon Q, and Dan D.
2nd place - Simon B and Brian B.
3rd place - Colin G, Benjo G, Ian T and Joel T.

I had the bye on round 1 so more time to build my Farsight forces. So far my money is on Jon and his greenskins to win though Richard will give him a run for his money I think. I am very surprised at Joel's loss with tyranids but I put it down to a new codex which needs getting used to. I fully expect to come last but that is fine by me.

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