Saturday, 1 February 2014

Star Wars vs Star Trek

For a while now I've been playing the X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight. It is a really cool game with hardly any issues to spoil play. It's bloody expensive though which is what initially put me off the game. At £12 for a single ship I find it hard to justify a lot of purchases. But once I tried it I enjoyed it and splashed out. Then I got a tad burnt out of the game because I was playing it a lot and because when trying to organise mini-events I got hardly anyone turn up. Bummed me out a bit on the game.

Then one of the semi-regular club members bought into the Star Trek Attack Wing game. It's basically the same game published by WizKids and licensed from Fantasy Flight. It has a few small tweaks such as ship turning arcs since it deals with big capitol ships rather than fighter craft. I'm also a lot more of a Trekkie than I am a fan of Star Wars so I have bought reasonably heavily into this.

The problem is that I am finding that I want to play Star Trek more than I do Star Wars these days. I'm a tad bored of Star Wars. Not bored in a never want to play it or sell my collection sort of thing, just not presently desiring the game right now. I think part of it is also that in Trek there are several factions to keep it interesting but X-Wing is firmly Imperial vs Rebel Alliance. FFG have said that they are not doing any other factions even though I am sure Republic and Separatist factions are wanted by players.

You can tell that I am more into the Trek game because I am already trying to work on a campaign system, something that I pondered for X-Wing but cast aside.


  1. If only it wasn't wizkids.

    Still half expecting their OP kits to come with dice, that have more hits on them.

    1. You've not seen the black power dice that come in one of the OP packs then? Two of each icon on each side but needs an upgrade card to use.

    2. I have no words, words have left me

    3. I hope it is for use with the DS9 station but as you say, with WK you never know.

    4. i've just read the dice thing. It's 5 points and can be used only once per round, replacing a normal die. It has 2 crits, 3 hits, 2 battlestations, and one double hit. So assuming you use Battlestations, it cannot miss.

  2. wow that dice is broken -.- I always thought that x-wing was more of a balanced game then attack wing. Attack wing seems to have everyone using Picard etc and the one thing that bothers me about Star trek is that you can mix fraction pilots and ships etc which is something I dislike about the game

    1. There is plenty of justification for crew on other ships.

      Kirk and co comandeered a bird of prey
      Riker was a crew member on a Bird of Prey
      Troi was (more or less) in charge of a Romulan Warbird
      The Jem'Hadar took over the Defiant
      Everybody and their mom flew a federation runabout at some point.
      The Romulans attempted to steal the Prometheus
      The Kazon took over Voyager.

      And they are just of the top of my head,

    2. It happens a lot in Trek that other factions get their hands on opponents ships even if temporary. In the war against the Dominion (and lets be fair, against the Borg) empires made alliances and fought side by side. I prefer not to do it and play proper factions ships and crews. Upgrades can be paid for on other ships with fair reason.