Friday, 14 October 2011

New necrons leaked


  1. Not sure what to think of them tbh.

    Love the new lord-chariot-thing, but the flayed ones look even wierder than the old ones and the new units don't seem to fit. I love the idea of emotionless legions of skeletal warriors led by their gods given forms. There's too much indiviuality in there now in my opinion

  2. I think they all look rather nifty except the new Flayed Ones which look just... odd.

    As for the fluff, from all accounts GW have re-written it to say that the "mindless" hordes that the Imperium has been fighting have been blips in the re-awakening process.
    I'm glad that the C'Tan are not in there anymore because I found that the Nightbringer (at least) was overly powerful and bordered on being broken. Everything points to them now being FW titan size units at a later date.

  3. But the mindless hordes were what made them such a unique and interesting addition to the 40k universe. They were death incarnate, unfeeling, unthinking, with all life being merely cattle for their hungry gods.

    Also, the loss of the green rods in my opinion takes a lot of their visual impact away. Maybe it's just the GW paintjobs and posing that's put me off, but the new range is a bit of a miss for me

  4. There was that. Now I seem them as less mindless undead and more Tomb Kings in space. I don't think the "everyone is cattle" approach will go away, it's just the nature of the Necrons that will change as they awaken.

    I agree about the green rods. Made them stand out a lot more. The recent GW painting style is very pastel shade and it isn't as good as what they used to do.

    I know Marko is planning on a new Necron army, and I'd bet that Fish will expand his army with this release. It will be interesting to see if anyone else at Primarchs buys into the new book.