Sunday, 16 October 2011

Old Missions Revisted part 1

An old classic that I am shocked didn't appear in the 5th edition codex.

This mission represents the calm after a major planetary invasion. The enemy has been scattered into the surrounding countryside and must be hunted down before they can regroup for a counter attack.
The table is divided into four quarters, formed by drawing two imaginary perpendicular lines through the center of the table. 
The players roll off and the winner chooses to go first or second. The player that goes first then chooses one of the long table edges to be his own table edge. He then deploys his force in one of the two table quarters on his side of the table, more than 12'' away from the center of the table. His opponent then deploys in the diagonally opposite corner.
Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout moves.

Any units not initially deployed on the table must be placed in reserve.

First Turn.
The player that chose his deployment zone first starts the game.

The objective is to control as many table quarters as possible. To control a table quarter there must be no enemy units (scoring or otherwise) and at least one scoring unit of your own in the quarter. A unit can only occupy one quarter – if one is spread over two quarters roll randomly to see which they are attempting to hold. The player who controls the most table quarters is the winner.

Special Rules.

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