Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Old Missions Revisted part 2

This mission attempts to represent a stalemate conflict where both sides desperately need information on enemy deployments and strengths. Both armies send a small force to reconnoitre across no man's land into enemy territory to test their defences.

The table is divided lengthways into two halves, by drawing an imaginary line through the middle of the short table edges.
The players roll off and the winner chooses to go first or second. The player that goes first then chooses one of the long table edges to be his table edge. He then deploys his force in his half of the table, with all models more than 12'' away from the table's middle line. His opponent then deploys in the opposite half.
Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout moves.

Any units not initially deployed on the table must be placed in reserve.

First Turn.
The player that chose his deployment zone first starts the game.

Both players must attempt to get as many scoring units into the enemy deployment zone as possible. The player with the most scoring units in the enemy’s deployment zone at the end of the game is the winner.

Special Rules.
Night Fighting rules are in effect for turn 1.

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