Monday, 27 February 2012

Battle Report

Last Friday evening a small group of us gathered to play a couple league games away from the club. Out of the players gathered my Salamanders and I only had to face down Mike and his Space Wolf drop pod list in a Planetstrike mission (Desperate Assault).

As the defender he set up the table in a nice fair manner. He placed a Fortress of Redemption down in the centre and declared the three sections to be separate bastions as the objectives. Three squads started with one in each and he had used a stratagem to place a battle cannon on the central section. I launched my Firestorms and wrecked two bastions including the one that had the battle cannon. So, not a bad start and I was feeling hopeful.

First turn everything of mine except the Predator arrived but as my first stratagem was night fighting I just couldn't hit anything. On Mike's turn a shedload of drop pods came down and walled me in against my side of the table and the amount of melta shots he poured into me took out my redeemer and most of my terminators.

Second turn was basically a massacre. My Predator arrived but did nothing. His marines fired and then assaulted my units taking them down under brutal close combat. My advance has stalled before it even got going.

Turn three and all I had left was a land speeder, my captain, and two tactical squads in rhino transports. My captain died valiantly fending off a rune priest. His turn he destroyed the land speeder and was turning his guns on my rhinos.

At this point I felt I had no chance of succeeding at my mission with just two squads and their rhinos. Mike still had most of his army intact including units in the objectives. I conceded and gave him the win.

Looking back on it I don't think there was much I could have done differently. I really wanted to go second but the mission had me launching the attack. Things may have been different had it been the other way around. Mike's drop pod list hasn't done that well in recent games but it worked spot on this time and there was nothing I could do. Better luck next time.

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