Friday, 17 February 2012

League scores week 5

12: Simon Butler.
10. Aven Taylor.
9: Joel Tate.
8: Jon Quinn.
6: Luke Townsend, Mark Thomas and Benjo Gray.
4: Dan Durham, Matt Gibson, Mark Allen and Brian White.
3: Ian Turner, Mike Parker, and Richard Curr.
1: Colin Goodman.
0: Adam Townsend.

Four games played this past week and four shock scores too.

Mark T played Matt and while I expected Matt's IG tank force to muller his necrons, somehow he pulled it out of the bag and scored a victory. Consider Mark T has not had the best luck with his necron force so far I am surprised.

Due to an error on my part Matt ended up with a second game, not that it makes any difference really, and played against Aven's Dark Eldar as well. Considering that Aven had spent an hour on the phone to me earlier that day concerned that he was going to get plastered by that tank line, I was surprised that he won.

Brian's GK army battled Jon's Ultramarines last night and that was quite a cool game to watch. Despite Brian not having anything other than his dreadknights to take out Jon's tanks he fought well. From the start I was expecting Jon to win this game but at the end it came down as a draw. It's still points for both so that's good.

Likewise I was wrong with the game between Simon's GK and Mark A's Tau. Before the game started I had figured that the GK would do really well but every time I looked back at their table another GK unit had vanished. Simon fought bravely but the Tau managed to grind him down an secure a victory.


  1. Ultramarine Jon:-

    An enjoyable game with Brian.
    A few things i should have done but stupidly didn't.
    1. Disembark my Tactical Squad from the Rhino & shot the hell out of the Assassin.
    2. Disembark my Tactical Squad from the Rhino & shot the hell out of the Grand Master.

    Rules i think we got wrong after a read through the GK codex at home were, the Assassins template weapon should have gone against my Leadership not toughness( which was twice as high ) ( which Brian did say at the time but we forgot to do, it as was AP 2 so no saves, so my fault ) ?
    Think i would have survived that?

    If it went on to turn 6 i think i would of won.

    Cheers Brian

    Not cheers Eryx_uk for rolling a 1 to see if the game continued to turn 6. LOL

    1. I think you would definitely have won had the game gone one more round. But rolls of 1 seemed to be the order of the evening for the games last night.