Sunday, 23 September 2012


I have to be honest... I do not like the look of this model. It looks like someone took the bits of a Helltalon or Hellblade fighter and stuck some dragon bits on it. Did GW need to do this? Why not just take the two chaos planes and make them plastic kits? I do not like that CSM are going weird and getting crazy machine monsters.


  1. I'm not overly keen on it, but it could of been a lot lot worse.

    And I much prefer they are getting daemon engines over the fighters. But thats just me. They are after all chaos and would much rather be in the thick of battle tearing imperial forces a new one, rather than piloting planes around.

    1. True but I'd rather GW stuck to what we already had rather than making up new and just plain weird additions to the codex.

  2. I like the idea of crazy machine monsters, but not the execution of these concepts. My first thoughts on the official pics of the Maulers and the Heldrake remind me of something out of a crappy saturday morning kids cartoon. The rest of the range didn't really grab me either

    Then I saw the machines in a darker colour scheme on the video that GW put up yesterday and the Maulers have grown on me. Jury's still out on the Heldrake though. Waiting to see what people do with it, painting wise.

    This isn't the first time GW paint schemes have put me off stuff either. Same thing happened with the Griffon and Demigryph Knights and the Beastmen monsters last year too, plus countless other releases. They really need to do something about it, as I'm sure i'm not the only one who's been put off. The new red backgrounds in WD have just made it worse.

    Going back you post though, they don't want to tread on Forgeworlds toes too much, especially when they've just brought out and Imperial Armour book with new rule for the chaos fliers in. Why do they care where people get the flyers from, as all the money goes the same place?

    1. Maybe, but slowly things have been migrating over in dribs and drabs. With flyers making a big thing right now it would make sense to bring the established chaos flyers in under the new codex.

      As for where the money goes, well, people need to stop making excuses for GW. They need to make money but they also need to bring things in under one roof. Let FW make the models but let GW cost them, balance them, and put them in the codexes every new release.

      And I fully agree about the colour schemes. So far I've only seen the new beasties in rusty metal or blue. Let's see a khornate or Slaaneshi Heldrake.