Friday, 14 September 2012


Played a game against my mate Marko last night at the club. This was his first ever game of 6th edition. The problem is that Marko is a WAAC player who is infamous for his cheesy army builds and lately no one will play against him. You can understand his frustration so I offered to give him a game, even suggested he play Chaos Daemons but he wanted to go with Chaos Marines. Right there is where he went wrong. He usually plays twinky Khornate, Tzeentch or combined armies which are really powerful but this time he woefully underplayed.

His list was Abaddon (who ran around on his own with no meatshields), a chaos lord, three basic CSM squads with plasma gun and lascannon, two rhinos and two defilers.

Abaddon died because he ran out on his own to fight a TH/SS termie squad and got pummeled. Newbie mistake that he shouldn't have made. Thats 270 (275?) points wasted there and then.

At one point he managed to grab my objective (my base, your base mission) and was going to win if I didn't pull it out of the bag, but next turn I did and I won by two secondary objectives. In the end I lost five scouts, 3 marines and a gun from a predator. I have never seen Marko play so poorly.

But then to top it off, he goes off on one at how 6th edition has screwed over everything that was fun in the game. Now remember that this is his first game and it does take a little bit to get used to. He must have read the rulebook but still did silly things like heavy and special weapons in the front rank facing the oncoming fire.

It was a fun game but I expected more from him. I have a strange feeling that he may well drop out and that will be another club member gone since 6th came out.


  1. It was a bit of a massacre, and there was a hell of a lot of bitching on his part, instead of trying to learn from what he was experiencing.

    Can feel bad for him not getting games, but can see why. I've never challenged him as I don't usually enjoy playing against him, but on the other hand he has never challenged me (not many do). And I am yet to refuse anyone, except the rare occasion I already have something planned.

    1. I didn't expect him to want to learn. He just wanted to win. Had he not been drinking all evening and had read the rules he would have done better.

      No one wants to play against him but he is a club member so he shouldn't be denied a game.

  2. A lot of members aint giving 6th a chance, I like 6th and have no problems with it!

    1. The problem is that 5th was pretty much near perfect. It needed the snapshot and overwatch. 6th screws about with a lot of army builds and tactics.

      I still hate challenges though.

    2. Also, to be fair to Marko, people need to either challenge him or take him up on his offers of a game.