Saturday, 29 September 2012


With all the family issues causing me much stress recently I have decided to treat myself to a little something from Forge World... some Mk IV power armour marines and some classic style over the should heavy weapons.

I do love the look of the Mk IV helmets and am tempted to slowly buy a few more of these from FW to fill out the troops for my Sons of Tantalus chapter. As for the heavy weapons I remember that the 1st ed / Rogue Trader era heavy weapons were all this type carried over the shoulder and these look very similar in design.


  1. the fw kits are amazing. I'd use it on all my armies if i could afford to. I bought myself a few sets of that same armour at last years GD for my Thousand Sons, they're a dream to put together and paint

    1. I'm a big fan of the beakie heads but lately I've come to prefer the Mk IV helmet for it's look. I'm going to slowly buy a few more varieties but they still so very expensive for resin.