Monday, 1 October 2012

Imperial Armour


  1. I love the Imperial Armour books for the sheer detail they pour into their background and campaigns, those and the photos really bring the 40k universe to life

    The rules balance has improved vastly in recent years too. Most of the uber powerful vehicles have been nerfed under 6th ed edition, balancing it out properly.

    The 'GW said it's official' came from a statement from the studio members at a games day and people have taken it to heart having seen the 40k stamp in the new books. It's always an opponents choice whether to play agaisnt FW though. I'd never dream of saying 'they have to play against them as they're allowed', i'll always check with my opponent beforehand.
    I fail to see how people wpouldn't want to play against a more diverse range of models though. Like I said, they've sorted out a lot of the power issues to the point where nothing's any more of a problem than powerful codex units. It's just fear of the unknown that's holding people back

    FW have done a good job of updating most of the older rules for 5/6th edition, by putting them into newer books (you always use the most recent one) bar one or two things, which are planned for upcoming books (Death Korps of Krieg, for example)

    1. I do love the detail that they fill their books with and the photos are awesome. I figure IA is like the Jane's weapons of the world series of books but for 40K.

      Where balance is concerned I am of the opposite view. The early stuff was much more balanced than what we have now. Though you do have to look at individual units as well. Not everything is bad. But in general FW don't know how to balance things properly.

      It's not fear that stops people accepting FW. It's that they want to play Codex only. I can understand that.