Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thoughts on plasma weapons?

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  1. Was goin to post on youtube, but it doesn't fit in the comments

    In 4th shooting was much better. Cover was less prevalent. As well vehicle damage charts were pretty deadly for the vehicle. SO the gunlines took plasma for the long range ap2, and las for the longer range ap2 and the go to choice for vehicle destruction.

    Fast forward to 5th, and cover became common place. Ap2 became irrelevant. Vehicles gained a newer, kinder vehicle chart and so ap1 became desired and that was the real cake. The melta rule was just icing. Lascannons were made irrelevant as you have that one shot to hope for a 5+ on the damage chart.

    In 6th, shooting is again king, but more than that the changes to rapid fire mean you don't lose mobility for them. No longer do you have to give up a round of shooting to advance to double tap range. You'll still take melta in a squad or two to deal with dreads and the like before they munch you. And land raider hunting squads of course, But plasma is the superior choice for line squads.