Saturday, 10 November 2012

Extinction Angels

Now that I have the chaos side of things from the Dark Vengeance box set I am setting down to work out a 1000pts list (to start with). I had thought of going with the Word Bearers legion but that has slipped away and I've decided to go with the warband that I found last year and contemplated expanding upon, the Extinction Angels.

You can read what little there is about them here.

The Extinction Angels had been fighting on Deimos Primary under the banner of Abaddon the Despoiler during the early days of the 13th Black Crusade. Their task was to disable the various Mechanicus facilities there. Unfortunately despite many successes the planet was liberated by the Black Templars chapter and the warband was forced into the lower levels of the main facility. The Black Templars enacted a sweep and clear, slowly eradicating the survivours.

Not all were slain however. Champion Magnus Creel had long suspected that the Despoiler was just using warbands like the Extinction Angels as expendable cannon fodder. Unhappy with this situation, Creel puts escape plans in motion long before the warband reached Deimos Primary, to enable his escape along with those loyal to him. Utilising an ancient relic recovered on some distant world, he was able to open a warp corridor to a waiting ship on the edge of the system. Leaving the rest to die, Creel and his followers departed for Imperial space. Since that time, the warband has raided Imperial backwater worlds for supplies and wargear.

The Extinction Angels are primarily servants of Slaanesh but in order to grow the warband in strength, Magnus Creel has accepted a handful of others into their number, including a number of Death Guard. Creel has also made an alliance with the Tzeentchian sorcerer Tallos. In return for the use of his sorcery and the thousand sons he commands, Creel has agreed to aid him in recovering certain relics and secrets scattered across the Tyken Sector.

The Extinction Angels as were are no more, but under Magnus Creel's leadership they may well go far and bring much destruction to the worlds of the false Emperor!

Not my painting, just a representation of what they look like.


  1. Great fluff and looking forward to seeing these :) Loved the scheme in the 3.5 book, but went for my own Warband instead.

    I think the final result will ake them look a lot like chaotic Soul Drinkers, but that's no bad thing :)

    1. I need to get my painting mojo re-energised first. Right now my desire to build and paint has gone right out of the window.