Monday, 26 November 2012

League 2013

After some recent discussion about the nature of the next league and it's Forge World allowance, I've decided that FW can be allowed but only with the agreement of an opponent before the start of the league. Seems a fair compromise for this though after talking to the other club members after this, leagues will be strictly codex only (plus White Dwarf updates).

The final league will be as follows:

  • 1750pt games.
  • Single codex though list may be changed between round knowing opponent, their codex and the mission.
  • Allies are acceptable, as are fortifications with the exception of the Fortress of Redemption (due to size and terrain issues).
  • Missions will be generated before the league starts using the system in Battle Mission (chance of rulebook missions, Battle Mission missions and Death World missions).
  • Each table will have a mysterious forest and one other random special terrain.
  • Each game will also have a random war zone trait rolled at the start of the game (rulebook page 368).


  1. One thing, for those without the big rulebook, the mini book from Dark vengeance does not have the warzone traits to reference.

    Not that it matters I suppose, you can't plan for a random effect anyway.

    1. Exactly. I feel that a random effect is needed.

      As for the book, I shall bring it with every week anyway.