Friday, 30 November 2012

The Doom of Galt

When the bioships of Hive Fleet Leviathan reached the Galt system, they swept aside the Imperial defenders with ease and proceeded to devour the ice rich outer worlds. The delay was enough to allow a great many to evacuate the hive cities of Galt V but not everyone was able to escape. As the Tyranid bio organisms burst onto the doomed world, the Planetary Defence Forces put up a brave but futile fight. Only when help arrived from the Sons of Tantalus fourth company did things change. Captain Democritus choose the tight confines at the edge of Hive Tempest to engage the horde. They only had to slow the advance long enough for more evacuation transports to get away.

A couple nights ago my mate Joel came over for a game. he had asked me for a 3,000 point game and for some crazy reason I said yes. I hate large scale games with a passion. They are generally far too twinky and take an age to complete. But I had said yes. I decided to play a lot more infantry than usual, taking an third tactical squad, a 9-man squad of terminators, 9 man squad of assault termines split between lightning claws and thunder hammers, and upping my scout squad to ten men. Dropped the predator for a vidicator, and added in a dreadnought.

Then I found out that he had brought his Tyranids.


We rolled the kill point style mission and that gods awful table quarter one! Why GW? WHY? We both had barely enough room to place everything. I also suggested that we roll for a battlefield trait since they will be used in the upcoming league, and we got a toxic miasma which meant all close combat attacks were poisoned (4+). This hurt his MC's a lot.

Once the game got underway it wasn't so bad and my marines did an awful lot better than I expected though Joel had his usual twinky luck. He got first turn and I lost the vidicator to tyrant guard, and a load of marines and termies to spore mines. Couldn't have put the termies in reserve because there just wasn't the room on the table to risk it.

Game went to turn five after about three hours of play. All I had left was the scout squad who hadn't been touched and quite frankly were my unit of the day. They did awesome. The sheer number of monstrous creatrues hurt me badly but the poisoned wounds did make any combats easier for me.

I called it after turn 5 due to there being no point in continuing.

Good game and actually reasonably fun, but never again at that point value.

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