Saturday, 1 December 2012

What went wrong?

At the club last Thursday I challenged my nephew to a 1000pt game against his Sisters of Battle. I chose him because he isn't an optimising player and when playing his Sisters, we usually have a much better game. I'm also fed up a little of the higher point games and so 1000pts has become my current points limit as I try to refit myself into the game.

He agreed providing we used his new GW martyr's defence lines. Not a problem. He set them up two his side and a larger on mine. We then rolled the length of the table as our deployment zones and agreed to just play the old style pitched battle across table.

My list:

Librarian epistolery.
10 man tac squad with plasma gun and plasma cannon.
10 man tac squad with plasma gun and missile launcher.
10 man scout squad with sniper rifles and missile launcher.
5 man terminator squad with assault cannon.

A simple very basic list, which is what I wanted to play. I forget his list at the moment but it was something like:

Uriah Jacobus.
15 or 20 woman squad with meltagun and heavy bolter.
15 or 20 woman squad with meltagun and heavy bolter.
6 man death cult assassin squad.
6 woman heavy weapon squad with heavy bolters and heavy flamers.
2 Rhinos.

I really felt that I shouldn't have a problem with this list and the game should be nicely balanced. But for some reason he utterly crushed me. I ended up on turn 5 with just half the scout squad left. He had made some mistakes such as putting his squad leaders and special weapons at the front of his squads, so they died really quickly. What went so wrong for me was the fact that I couldn't pass a 3+ armour save hardly at all, and my terminators deviated upon teleporting in and ended up right in front of the death cult assassins who lost two to my shooting and then carved up the squad in two rounds of combat (there goes those 2+ armour saves!).

So, when we called it he had two objectives and contested a third.

My dice hate me.

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  1. What went wrong is you didn't roll vanguard strike.