Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Midas Crusade - intro

After reading through Crusade of Fire I have decided that the campaign example given within isn't so bad. It has plenty of potential and so I have started tweaking it slightly. The work in progress is called the Midas Crusade and follows a similar storyline I guess to the Crusade of Fire campaign. I have opened it up to the different factions of 40K rather than Imperial and Chaos. Initially, Crusade of Fire plays out over three turns and then you tally the results of captured worlds to determine the winner. I have taken that but I think it wouldn't be too difficult to expand it indefinately so that a open ended narrative campaign could be played with any number of players.

As I get it tweaked and finalised I'll post back some details. Firstly though I am going to need to handpick 3-4 players to test it out come the new year.


  1. Poke poke, Hint hint

    Enthusiasm? From Matt? What the hell?

    Although I should I prob read the book first. is it just yet more missions with added randomness? or actual one battle affects the next like a proper campaign?

    1. Cool. All rules have been written up in a player document. It's finished, I just need to tweak some bits and finish the world maps. I will mail you a copy when done.

    2. Sign me up! Narrative campaigns have always been my 40k happy place

    3. I have my four playtesters now but as soon as we opoen it to extra players I will give you first shout.