Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dark Angels spoilers

So Dark Angels is getting a January 2013 release. I'm very interested in this because it may be a good indication of how the other loyalist marine codexes are going to be. Especially where things like Warlord traits are going.

Anyway, we have some photos of the new models and units. Let's take a look...

Belial's new model. I can't say I like this one because the model is too static. Character models need to be more dynamic and with an action pose.

The new terminators are quite nice. Interesting to see that Dark Angels retain command squad terminators. I hope that they will come back for all space marine codexes. However, these models look nice though robed terminators doesn't quite look right to me.

Bikes with twin-linked plasma guns? Nice. I hope that they are an upgrade rather than as standard otherwise they are going to be a pain to deal with. But still nice.

The new Dark Angel plane. I love this design though the big ass guns at the front seem a tad too big. It shall be interesting to see these on the battlefield as some rumours suggest that they are designed as an anti-flyer option.

Two new land speeders. The top version comes with twin-linked plasma cannons. That will be an ouch for lots of us. The bottom however, looks odd. There are no rear weapons just what appears to be a shrine, but one with an operator. Odd.
What are your thoughts?

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