Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Death from the Skies!

So February looks like a new release for 40K, and this time it is an update/add-on to the flyer rules in 6th edition. From reading various internet reports it does look like some aircraft get an update, stormtalon and night scythe for example, and other races without flyers get one. Tyranid players will probably still not be happy.
The only aspect that I've read that I am not happy with is that there may be the extra optional rules and flyers mission that appeared in Crusade of Fire only a couple of months ago. That strikes me as both a waste of time (they were terrible rules) and a snub at the people who bought that book.


  1. I can almost see the point of it.
    If you missed the WD, you don't have rules for the stormtalon or the ork dakka jet. Same with the dogfighting rules. Crusade of Fire is limited edition (supposedly). If you didn't buy it (i'd guess 80% of the 40k players), or didn't want the campaign rules, you get the flyer specific rules here.

    But apparently there is nothing actually new in there. It just has all the currently availble flyers in it it. No new tau/nid/eldar stuff. Or anti flyer wargear. So one of two things is true.

    They stuck them in to pad the book out.

    Or they have updated them all. In which case we are now paying for codex updates. BIG LOL there.

    1. Yep. Having the Stormtalon and the dakkajets in one book is better than carting around a WD or trying to hunt down that issue. There is nothing new but the eldar planes have never seen codex use before and the Tyranids really needed a proper flyer type unit so that update is worth while.